Lehigh Valley Coed Softball League

Former and currently participating teams: Former and currently participating teams: A&H Sporting Goods, ADP, Advanced Green Solutions, Air Products, Allentown State Hospital, Amcor, Americold, Angry Cocks, AutoProved, Bad News Bats, Bagel Bunch, Bethlehem Orthodontics, Biochem, Broadway Auto, Bru Daddys Brewing Co, Builders Door & Hardware, The Ceiling Guys, Celebrations, Champion Windows, CNJ, Computer Aid, CRS Logistics, Dieter Brothers, Donnas Carlisle Grill, DSC Logistics, Dun and Bradstreet, Elite Fitness, Embassy Bank, EchoTech Marine, Exide, Fine Line Construction, Tha Firm, The Firehouse, Foggies Bar and Grill, Forward Thinking Tech Solutions, Funk Brewing, F&S HVAC, Gemini Hair Design, Gin Mill and Grille, Grove Street Scabs, Hammerhead Hops & Grille, Jack Callaghans Ale House, JRT, Kuhnsville Hotel, Lehigh County Assistance Office, Macungie Bears, Mangold Excavating, Misfits, Morales Catering, Mummas Sunoco, Nestle Waters, Northampton Legion, Olympus, Opa Bar and Grill, Orasure Technologies, PA Mentor, Pasers, Paychex, Phillips Feed, Piercing Pagoda, Pointe North Apartments, Puzzles, RCN, Renegades, Riverside Drummies, Rodale, Sam Owens, Scabs, Schmalbach-Lubeca Plastics, Schuler Service, Scottys Wanderers, Serono-Baker, Seven Sirens Brewery, SKF USA, Sidelines Sports Bar, Tha Firm, The Softball Family, Solarcare Technologies, Spectrum Services, Stahleys Cellarette, StorCon Systems, Strange Brew Tavern, Sunset Grille, Superstars, Tanczos Hungry Hungry Hippos, Target Select, TCR, Team Etc., Team Feed, Trinkles Cafe, Uneek Screenprinting, Valley Farm Market, Viamedia, Victors Welding, VinylGuard, Volpes Sports Bar, Werts Cafe, West Catty Fire Co, Willow Street Pub, Wise Guys Beer Depot, Yergey Brewery, Yuengling, and others.

Historical Record
2026 2025 2024 2023 - 12 teams 2022 - 12 teams
League Champion Grove Street Scabs Scabs
League Runner-Up Tanczos Hungry Hungry Hippos Stahleys
Division Winner Hammerhead Scabs
Tourney Champ Hammerhead Hops & Grille Hungry Hungry Hippos
Tourney Runner-Up Tanczos Hungry Hungry Hippos Scabs
Tourney Semi-finalist Builders Door & Hardware Stahleys
Tourney Semi-finalist Grove Street Scabs Seven Sirens
2021 - 12 teams 2020 - 12 teams 2019 - 12 teams 2018 - 12 teams 2017 - 12 teams
League Champion The Scabs Superstars Hammerhead Schuler Services/Kuhnsville Misfits
League Runner-Up Hungry Hungry Hippos Callaghans Schuler Services/Kuhnsville Misfits Schuler Services/Kuhnsville
Division Winner The Scabs The Scabs Hammerhead Schuler Services/Kuhnsville Misfits
Tourney Champ The Scabs Stahleys Hungry Hungry Hippos Stahleys Bar & Grille Schuler Services/Kuhnsville
Tourney Runner-Up Stahleys The Scabs Bagel Bunch Hungry Hungry Hippos Stahleys
Tourney Semi-finalist Bad News Bats Bagel Bunch Strange Brew Tavern Viamedia Softball Family
Tourney Semi-finalist Scottys Wanderers Superstars Yergeys Bagel Bunch Bagel Bunch
2016 - 12 teams 2015 - 12 teams 2014 - 12 teams 2013 - 12 teams 2012 - 12 teams
League Champion Misfits Scabs/Schuler Services Valley Farm Sunset Grille Viamedia TV
League Runner-Up Callaghans Angry Cocks Volpes Diamond Kings TCR Kuhnsville Hotel
Division Winner Stahleys Angry Cocks Gin Mill Sunset Grille Kuhnsville Hotel
Tourney Champ Strange Brew Tavern Stahleys Valley Farm Strange Brew Tavern Viamedia TV
Tourney Runner-Up Schuler Services/Kuhnsville Angry Cocks Viamedia Scabs Yuengling Brewers
Tourney Semi-finalist Stahleys Gin Mill Bagel Bunch Sunset Grille Vics Welding
Tourney Semi-finalist Viamedia Viamedia Gin Mill Viamedia Celebrations
2011 - 12 teams 2010 - 12 teams 2009 - 12 teams 2008 - 12 teams 2007 - 12 teams
League Champion Scabs/Puzzles Kuhnsville Hotel A&H Sporting Goods Sidelines Sports Bar Renegades
League Runner-Up Viamedia Lehigh County AO Scabs/Werts Cafe Kuhnsville Hotel Scabs/Gemini Hair Design
Division Winner Kuhnsville Hotel Viamedia TV A&H Sporting Goods Mangold Excavating Scabs/Gemini Hair Design
Tourney Champ Firehouse Scabs/Advanced Green Sol Lehigh County AO Scabs/Werts Cafe Lehigh County AO
Tourney Runner-Up Viamedia Sidelines Sports Bar A&H Sporting Goods A&H Sporting Goods Renegades
Tourney Semi-finalist Bagel Bunch Kuhnsville Hotel Scabs/Werts Cafe Lehigh County AO Scabs/Gemini Hair Design
Tourney Semi-finalist CWBO The Firehouse Kuhnsville Hotel Viamedia SKF
2006 - 12 teams 2005 - 12 teams 2004 - 12 teams 2003 - 12 teams 2002 - 12 teams
League Champion Mangold Excavating Mangold Excavating Donnas Carlisle Grill Mummas, LCAO SKF/Elite Fitness
League Runner-Up Stahleys Cellarette Scabs Mangold Excavating co-champions Lehigh County AO
Division Winner Mangold Excavating Mangold Excavating SKF Mummas Sunoco SKF/Elite Fitness
Division Winner Lehigh County AO Scabs Mangold Excavating Lehigh County AO Lehigh County AO
Wild Card Stahleys Cellarette SKF Lehigh County AO Renegades/CAI n/a
Wild Card Scabs/Gemini Hair Lehigh County AO Donnas Carlisle Grill DSC Logistics n/a
Tourney Champ Renegades Mangold Excavating Lehigh County AO Lehigh County AO Lehigh County AO
Tourney Runner-Up A&H Sporting Goods Stahleys Cellarette SKF Mummas Sunoco SKF/Elite Fitness
Tourney Semi-finalist Mangold Excavating Lehigh County AO Mangold Excavating Target Select DSC Logistics
Tourney Semi-finalist Scabs/Gemini Hair Scabs Donnas Carlisle Grill Fine Line Mummas Sunoco
2001 2000 1999 1998 1997
League Champion
League Runner-Up Rodale/Renegades
Division Winner ? ? n/a n/a n/a
Division Winner ? ? n/a n/a n/a
Tourney Champ Target Select
Tourney Runner-Up SKF Dieter Brothers Rodale/Renegades
1996 - 8 teams 1995 1994 1993 1992
League Champion SKF Rodale/Renegades Rodale/Renegades
League Runner-Up D&B
Tourney Champ Rodale/Renegades Rodale/Renegades SKF
Tourney Runner-Up Rodale/Renegades Feed